01/07/2015: Kelly Springfield Work Night

The Christmas and New Years holidays pulled us away from our appointed task, the restoration of the Kelly Springfield steam roller, but Roots volunteers were once again back at work. How long does it take to clean a boiler? The answer, after nearly a hundred years, a long time. We cut out the last two plugged tubes, needle-gunned, brushed, and polished the boiler shell and tube sheets, and spent a long time trying to remove a tapered key from the last cross shaft of the drive train. No, we didn't get the key out, but we think we have it on the downhill grade. Next work day, we expect to start seeing ultra-sonic testing grid lines on the boiler shell, and some more needle gunning and wire wheeling. Thanks everyone for attending. The January 7th crew, Troy James, James Anson, Keith Rongey, Kirk Graux, Lee Bryant, Carol Jones, Chuck Jones, Chris Baldo, Wes Brubacher, Bruce Evans.

Hope to see everyone at the Roots Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, January 8th at the Loose Caboose at 6 PM.    Chris 

Brushed and polished boiler sheet
Removing tapered key from drive train
Inside the boiler
The crew: eight men