01/21/2015: Kelly Springfield Work Night

Greetings:  We made more progress on the Kelly Springfield steam roller tonight. This was mostly a cleaning boiler and parts night, one of many similar nights as the project moves forward. With the two-speed shaft removed, Bruce Evans was able to attack the build-up of grease and grime on top the boiler, under the crankshaft. We also need to do some significant cleaning of the boiler interior. Wes Brubacher made a start at cleaning the mud ring, but lots more to do.

Included in the photos is one of the Skookum cab with a brass plate installed memorializing the work on the cab of the late Jim Haskins. We hope that the Skookum will spend the next century on the high iron, and our friend will always be part of the legacy.


The crew: five men.
Cleanup reveals many numbers stamped in the steel
Cleaned rough steel closeup
Interior of the restored Skookum cab
Plate in Skookum cab: Jim Haskins, Master Woodworker