01/28/2015: Kelly Springfield Work Night

The Roots crew continued to make progress on the Kelly Springfield at Wednesday's work night at BLW. Keith Rongey, Chuck Jones, and Wes Brubacher loaded the KS boiler on a railroad pushcar and rolled it out of the shop. The three made progress at cleaning the interior of the boiler, specifically the mud ring and the top of the crown sheet. This will continue for a few weeks.  Don Ford, Todd Orton, Troy James and myself started the daunting task of attacking the huge pile of steam roller parts. We freed up parts, Don Ford operated the bead blast cabinet, Troy James primed parts when we were done. A good time again, and thanks to Chuck for bringing some pizza for the troops.  Attached are a few photos.

Tomorrow, a group of Roots folks will be visiting the Parlin Forks Conservation Camp in preparation for the transfer to Roots of the Corley circle-saw  mill. The Camp recently acquired a modern bandmill for their lumber manufacturing endeavors which build picnic tables, etc., for many of the State Parks.  We hope to operate the mill under steam at the Roots facility in the future.


Don Ford bead blasting
Keith Rongey cleaning mud ring
Todd Orton cleaning two-speed gears
Troy James priming parts
The crew: six men
Corley sawmill