02/25/2015: Kelly Springfield Work Night

Greetings again: The Wednesday work nights continued with another productive evening. Bruce Evans continued his work on the steam roller canopy. Don fired up the bead blaster and cleaned up a variety of steam roller parts, while Troy applied a protective coat of red-oxide primer. Keith and Chuck worked on removing some boiler studs that needed replacement, before changing hats to applying the ultra-sonic thickness testing grid to the barrel of the boiler and the steam drum. Wes and Jessie spent most of the evening taking ultrasonic thickness (UT) measurements.  The UT measurements should be completed next week, and we can begin work on the large parts of the roller that need sand blasting and priming.

Thanks everyone for your contributions.

Kelly Springfield crew: a woman, six men, and a dog
Left to right: Don Ford, Wes Brubacher, Jessie Smith, Keith Rongey, Chuck Jones on boiler
Troy James on painting detail
Jessie Smith with ultrasonic thickness grid in the firebox.