03/04/2015: Kelly Springfield Work Night


I was pretty lazy last night about taking photos at the Kelly Springfield work party, but luckily Bruce Evans came by with a few photos from the Wednesday day crew down at Roots.

Most of you know that thanks to the generosity of the Graux family, Roots is in the process of putting up a second building to house our equipment. The new building will be west of the Work Building, which necessitated the organizing and moving of the 30+ year accumulation of stuff. The footprint of the building is essentially clear, with the exception of the Eureka Southern RR crane "Big Bertha" and some trolley car parts. The large, empty space is striking; reminds me of when we first put up the Work Building and wondered if it would ever be filled. Kirk Graux had his Bobcat spreading rock for the Kaposwin Camp Cabin pad, and for a new storage track to put the Caspar Lumber Company and Mendocino Lumber Company disconnect trucks. What an improvement!!  Thanks to Keith, Chuck, Bruce, Kirk, Wes, Todd, Aaron, and whoever else helped.

With the State Boiler Inspector coming this week to look at the Kelly Springfield and all the rest of the Roots boilers, we focused on finishing the ultrasonic thickness readings on the boiler, while Chuck worked on a chart documenting all the readings. Don and Keith continued working on cleaning engine parts for the Kelly. Bruce Evans worked on the canopy, which is looking good.

I should be signing the loan agreement this week for the Corley Manufacturing sawmill currently at Parlin Fork Conservation Camp. I would love to see that mill running on steam.

Stay tuned.    Chris 

Kelly Springfield Work Crew
Space in the Roots yard is mostly cleared for new Graux building
Track being put down to hold an exhibit
Corley sawmill