03/18/2015: Kelly Springfield Work Night

The word of Jim "Buggs" Bruggere's passing set a somber tone for the Kelly Springfield work night, but work on we did, just as Buggs would have wanted us to. The task for the night was to get all the rivets removed from the tube sheet. We almost got there; nine rivets remain. We also need to remove the nuts that hold the braces for the un-stayed portions of the tube sheet and backhead. We will start to be good at removing rivets about the time that we are done.

Roots plans to hold some fitting celebration of Buggs' contributions in a few months. We will let everyone know. My hands already have blisters thinking about having to do all that trackwork that Buggs somehow did by himself.


In Memoriam: Jim "Buggs" Bruggere after driving the golden spike on the Roots main track
Keith Rongey removing rivets
Kirk Graux, Keith Rongey, Tyler Philips work to remove rivets on boiler
Tyler Philips on air hammer
The Kelly Sprinfield crew: four men