03/25/2015: Kelly Springfield Work Night

Greetings:   With all preparations for the Steam Engineering and Safety Class this weekend, we were a little short on steam tonight, but we made some good progress. Bruce Evans is making more progress on the new roof for the roller, and reminded us that he is almost done, and we are still tearing the roller apart.  Once again, Bruce is right. But, we did succeed in removing the front tube sheet from the boiler so we can  prepare to have a new one made. We will also be working on having a new smokebox fabricated.
    Tomorrow, we will begin hauling the Corley sawmill parts from Parlin Fork Conservation Camp to Willits, as well as steaming up the Heisler in preparation for the class this weekend. Busy times!!

Bruce Evans working on Kelly Springfield roof.
Tube sheet ready to remove from boiler
Interior of boiler after removal of tube sheet
Kelly Springfield crew March 25, 1015