04/01/2015: Kelly Springfield Work Night

Howdy: We were all still trying to catch a breath after last weekend's Steam Engineering and Safety Class, but work must go on. We enjoyed another productive evening at BLW. Bruce Evans worked on the canopy for the roller, Wes and Chuck continued working on the boiler, and Don Ford, Jessie Smith and myself worked on the rear water tank. It's amazing how much crud can accumulate on a steam roller in 94 years, Ultimately the water tanks and other parts will get sandblasted and primed, but the  often inches-thick oil and grunge needs to be stripped away first. The top of the rear water tank also comprises the operator's platform, as well as the support for the fuel oil tank. It was looking pretty good by the end of the night. Thanks everyone for attending.

    I'm looking forward to lots of ham this Easter.



Kelly Springfield Crew April 1, 2015