10/22/2014: First Kelly Springfield Work Night

We got together at 5 PM for the first Kelly Springfield work night. We had planned to do lots of planning. Instead, we planned for about 3 minutes by Carol Jones' watch, and grabbed wrenches to start working on the dismantling phase. We removed the entire canopy structure, and Bruce Evans is ready to attack the woodwork portion. We removed the fuel oil tank, did lots of lubrication, and steadily worked to get closer to the boiler.

The next work night will focus on removing the front and rear water tanks and unbolting the front roller from the smokebox. I stuck my head in the firebox door for a quick inspection. The firebox looked really good down to the bricks. We need to remove the bricks to see more. The smokebox needs some work. The Kelly Springfield is a pretty big roller, but the boiler is really small.  Attached are a few photos of the first night. Thanks everyone for showing up!! 

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Kelly Springfield at Baldo Locomotive Works, #1
Kelly Springfield at Baldo Locomotive Works, #2
Kelly Springfield Guage Shot
The Kelly Springfield Restoration Crew