11/12/2014: Kelly Springfield Work Night

The work force continues to grow: we had a total of 14 people sharing in tonight's fun! At this rate we can switch over to the Klickitat Shay in a few weeks.

We were able to make progress on some of our major goals; removing the drive axle to expose the firebox sheets and convincing the steering shaft to turn. We made some progress getting the engine to free up, but we cannot claim success yet. We did a lot of cleaning, polishing, needle gunning, and oiling. We were also finally able to get to the backhead of the boiler to find some Buffalo Springfield Roller Company data stamped on the boiler shell.

It appears that the roller was built in 1921 as boiler #1442. There is a faint cloverleaf stamp with an "S" stamped in the center. We will contact the National Board to find out the significance of the numbers.

Thanks everyone for showing up.  Attached are a few photos. 

This is the last installment so far...

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Disassembly of the Kelly Springfield boiler attachments by three men
Two men working on the Kelly Springfield
Five men inspect the Kelly Springfield
A driving axle is pulled free from the Kelly Springfield
The Roots work crew poses with the Kelly Springfield