11/19/2014: Kelly Springfield Work Night

Although not as challenging as the upcoming boiler work, the Kelly Springfield crew enjoyed the excitement of the blur of the flywheel as the engine ran effortlessly on air tonight. The cross head guides proved to be the biggest obstacle. Kirk Graux finally freed up the valve motion so we were able to operate the engine forward and reverse.

From all reports, the roller last operated in 1937, but after 77 years of inactivity, the engine seemed strong and quiet. Tyler Phillips worked at removing the tubes from the front tube sheet; Todd Orton worked at cleaning up the inside and outside of the front and rear water tanks. A productive night by any measure.

Just a note, we will be taking next Wednesday off so everyone can properly prepare for Thanksgiving.

First, here are a couple of videos in Facebook posts made by Lee Bryant. These are followed by some photos of Wednesday's activities. 





Wednesday night's work crew poses with the Kelly Springfield roller.
Four men with wrenches work on the Kelly Sprinfield Roller
Seven men working on the Kelly Springfield roller.
Six men working on the Kelly Springfield roller.