Engine, Decker Shingle Mill Portable Steam

The Decker Shingle Mill came to Roots from Comptche, California. The engine was made by Joseph Enright Foundry and Machine Shop, San Jose, California, manufacturers of portable steam engines for threshing, sawmills, flour mills and pumping plants.

Engine, Mansfield Portable Steam

Mansfield engines were well-known for their rapid steaming ability, being able to get into operation from a cold start faster than any other boiler-engine combination.

Engine, Porter "New Economizer" Portable Steam

This portable steam engine was used to operate a sawmill in Trinity County, California. The engine was manufactured by the Porter Manufacturing Company of Syracuse New York and was imported to California by their agent, the Joshua Hendy Machine Works of San Francisco.

Engine, Port Huron Portable Steam #6127

Portable steam power units adapted to a variety of work on America's farms, factories, and sawmills, replacing animal power and water power as the prime movers. The steam engine was bolted directly to the top of the boiler shell.
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