Highline, Vol 23, No. 2, Aug 2005


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Cover: The Post-War Lumber Boom in Mendocino County's Dairy Land

Picture: Raymond “Chub” Ohleyer and Ray Ellis, BOJOCK Lumber Company

Article: From the President's Desk

by Chris Baldo

Article: New Acquisitions: Robert Dollar Shay #2978

Feature Story: The Post-War Lumber Boom in Mendocino County's Dairy Land

By Chris Baldo and Theron Brown

Article: Ten Years Ago

By Bobbie Yokum

  • California Western Railroad (CWR) #53, Baldwin Locomotive Works Serial Number DS4-4-1000, donated by Chris Baldo

​Article: Baggage Cart Restored

By Bruce Evans

​Article: Research Library

By Bruce Evans

Article: Moveable Training Books and an Exquisite Catalog: Book Reviews

By Bruce Evans

  • Cardboard Models of Simple Steam Engines
  • Adlake Trimmings for Railway Cars and Steamships

​Article: Old "Buttermilk": Washington Iron Works Estep Diesel Yarder

By Newton Townsend

Article: 6th Annual Redwood Empire Industrial Modelers Meet


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