Highline, Vol 28, No. 2, Aug 2010


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Cover: Ernest "Max" McKee, Jr., A Rebel in the Redwoods

Cover photo: Ernest Maxwell McKee Jr. changed the landscape and demography of Mendocino County forever.

Article: From the President's Desk

by Jerry Moore

Feature Article: Ernest "Max" McKee, Jr., A Rebel in the Redwoods

by Theron Brown and Chris Baldo

Article: Mason County Logging #7

by Bruce Evans 

Article: Mason County Logging #7 100-Year Birthday Party

by Chris Baldo

Article: Steamfest II: Roots and the #7 visit the Niles Canyon Railway

by Chris Baldo

Article: Railroad Operations and Safety Class 2010

by Chris Bado

Logging Wagons

by Troy James

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