Highline, Vol 30, No. 1, Apr 2012


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Cover: The "Paul Bunyon" Boaks: Five Generations in the Logging Woods

Cover photo: Ted “Paul Bunyan” Boak (at left on log) working as Side Rod on Mason County Logging Company’s rail-mounted Clyde slackline yarder #2. The versatile machine could load timber close to the track, and load logs with either two tongs or single tongs as a heelboom. Fred Scott is the yarder engineer, Ray “Hungry” Woods stands on the yarder footboard, and Wallace Christian is in the middle on log.

Article: From the President's Desk

by Jerry Moore

Feature Article: The "Paul Bunyon" Boaks: Five Generations in the Logging Woods

by Theron Brown and Chris Baldo

Article: The Photographs of Charles Givens

by Dirk Johnson

  • Bear Harbor and Eel River Railroad locomotive #2

  • California Western Locomotive #21

  • Caspar Lumber Company log dump, c. 1954

  • Caspar, South Fork & Eastern Locomotive #2, “Daisy” – an 1885 Baldwin 0-4-2T, Construction Number 7558 – at Camp 20, July 5, 1952

Article: The Holiday Express Had A New Ride

by Dirk Johnson

  • Open covered riding car


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