Rail Ballast Car, Simpson Timber Company #6

With the prospect looming of having to spread ballast by hand on the planned 3/4 mile loop track, Chris Baldo approached Simpson Timber Company in Shelton, Washington in an effort to acquire one of their historically accurate and very functional ballast cars.

Rail Caboose, California Western Railroad #4

The exact history of caboose #04 is in question, as is the case of all CWR wooden cabooses. While it is very likely that #04 was one of a series built at Fort Bragg in the teens and 1920s, there is at this time no confirmation that this is the case.

Baggage Cart, Southern Pacific Railroad

Baggage carts were one of the utilitarian devices used by almost all railroads to move goods and luggage around their depots. They received little more attention than the broom in the corner, but without them, the expediency of railroad freight service would have been severely compromised.

Baggage Cart, Northwestern Pacific Railroad

An original NWP baggage cart, used for many years in railroad service, has been acquired by Roots and is on display in the Engine House of the Mendocino County Museum.

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