Visiting the Library


Roots is an all-volunteer organization. Currently, no volunteer is able to staff the Library during regular hours. But if you wish to visit the library for either research purposes or simply because you would like to peruse it, please feel free to contact Dirk Johnson by emailing  I'll be happy to arrange a time with you to make a visit.

Information About Visiting

Library staff will be available to assist visitors in their research to the extent possible. Educators, researchers and those with a general interest in steam and power engineering, railroading and logging are welcome to visit the library. Due to the rarity and value of the collections in the library, it will be open to the public only when a docent is available, although the exhibit galleries will remain open during regular museum hours. Visitors are required to sign-in and follow some simple rules such as not eating, drinking or smoking; not using ink pens; handling rare volumes and materials only with provided cotton gloves; etc.