c. 1900

Donkey, Murray Brothers Yarder

Yarder, horizontal, designed & used for pile driving (ULCo. #D-11).

Logging Arch, Redding Big Wheels

Prior to the 1870's, logging was performed by the grueling process of dragging logs from the woods with bull teams.

Rail Flatcar, California Western Railroad #370

A picnic in the redwoods was always a popular event for employees of Union Lumber Company. The California Western Railroad converted some of their oldest wooden flatcars to open riding cars to haul the partygoers out to the woods along the Noyo River or up the logging branch to the Ten Mile River.

Donkey, Murray Brothers Vertical Spool Steam

Murray Brothers Machine Works of San Francisco was one of the early manufacturers of Dolbeer patent spool donkeys, using one of John Dolbeer's designs of steam logging machinery from 1883. The Dolbeer Spool Donkey was the fIrst steam machinery used in the woods.

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