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Donkey, Skagit B-20F Yarder, #20A186

© Ginny Chichester
Year Built: 
Type of Equipment: 
Horizontal Spool
Logging Equipment
Skagit Steel & Iron Works
Manufacturer Location: 
Sedro-Woolley WA
Non-Motive Power: 
Chris Baldo
The Skagit Steel and Iron Works of Sedro-Woolley, Washington was a leader in gasoline and diesel powered yarders and loading machines after the introduction in the 1920s of the Skagit Little Tugger. The Model B-20 and the roller bearing equipped Model BU-20 were one of more than 30 graduated sizes ranging from the 4200 pound BU-15 to the 58,000 pound BX-500. The B-20 was equipped with an 85 HP flathead Ford V-8 engine or a 6 cylinder Waukesha engine and a four speed transmission. The mainline drum had a capacity of 1400 feet of 5/8″ line, the haulback drum had a capacity of 3600 feet of 3/8″ line. Many of the B-20s were also supplied with a strawline drum with a capacity of 2950 feet of ¼” line. While this B-20 was equipped with optional banked controls, most were equipped with standard lever controls.

This machine, a Model B-20F, Type MH-BL, built by Skagit in 1951 as Construction Number 20A186, is owned by Chris Baldo of Willits Redwood Company.