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Donkey, Washington Iron Works L-150 3-Drum Loader, Diesel

Year Built: 
Type of Equipment: 
Logging Equipment
Washington Iron Works
Manufacturer Location: 
Seattle WA
Non-Motive Power: 
In Service: 
Arcata Redwood Company
Hammond Lumber Company
Louisiana Pacific
Roots of Motive Power
This Washington Iron Works L-150 diesel loader with torque converter represented the latest technological advance in logging in the post-World War II logging woods. These machines replaced steam donkeys for loading and also inspired the conversion of many steam donkey drum sets from steam power to diesel engines with torque converters. Although still limited by being sled mounted and being tree rigged, the machine was an important transition piece in loading technology before the introduction of the mobile loading machine such as the Washington Iron Works TL-15 Trakloader. The L-150 is powered by a supercharged 200 HP Cummins Diesel engine, Model HBIS, S/N 52197, with a Twin Disc Torque Converter. This WIW L-150 was purchased by Arcata Redwood Company from the Fred E. Barnett Company November 30, 1945. It was later acquired by Hammond Lumber Company and eventually by its successor, the Louisiana Pacific Corporation. Louisiana Pacific donated the loading machine to Roots of Motive Power in 1998. Photo by Bruce Evans