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Road Roller, Buffalo Springfield Gas Roller

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Year Built:
Type of Equipment:
Heavy Equipment
Road Roller
Buffalo Springfield Roller Company
Manufacturer Location:
Springfield OH
Motive Power:
In Service:
Joe Ortega Construction, Cotati, CA
Marin County, CA
Rohnert Park, CA
Sonoma County, CA
Chris Baldo
The 1920s were a period of transition for most machinery manufacturers as they began to replace steam engines with gasoline engines, especially in the lower horsepower models. Some manufacturers, such as Skagit, avoided major design and engineering costs by simply adapting readily available farm tractors for gasoline engines and power transmission. Buffalo Springfield used Waukesha gasoline engines for power but built their own power transmission systems. Buffalo Springfield offered both steam and gasoline rollers to its customers at this time as the change in consumer preference in technology took place over time. One can see the obvious similarities in construction techniques between the two rollers.

This roller, Construction Number 14795, was built in 1928 by the Buffalo Springfield Roller Company of Springfield, Ohio. It was purchased used in 1950 by Joe Ortega Construction of Cotati from George Williams of Marin Equipment. Joe used the roller in a variety of projects in Marin and Sonoma counties including the paving of the first two streets in Rohnert Park. The roller is currently owned by Chris Baldo of Willits Redwood Company.