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Tractor, Caterpillar Ten

Year Built:
Type of Equipment:
Heavy Equipment
Logging Equipment
Caterpillar Tractor Company
Manufacturer Location:
East Peoria, IL
Motive Power:
In Service:
Prundale, CA
Ellen Howle
Tex Howle
Roots of Motive Power
The Caterpillar Tractor Company produced seven tractor models in its first four years of operation, 1925-1929, following the merger of Best and Holt.

Three of these models had been dropped by 1929, when the Model Ten was introduced. This left Caterpillar with only four models in production ranging from 10 to 65 drawbar horsepower, and up to 10 tons in weight. The four survivors were, prosaically enough, named Ten, Twenty, Thirty and Sixty, with the numbers always spelled out.

The Model Ten, rated at 10 drawbar horsepower, and with a weight of 4420 pounds, was the smallest tractor Caterpillar ever built. Its 4-cylinder gasoline engine had a bore of 3-3/8”, a stroke of 4”, R.P.M. of 1500, and a displacement of 143 cubic inches. The machine had a track gauge of 37” and an overall length of 93-3/4”.

This particular example of the Model Ten was built in 1929 (production of the model ceased in 1933) and bears Serial Number PT 202. It was purchased new by a Prunedale, Monterey County rancher and used on his ranch until his death in the late 1960’s. The tractor subsequently was purchased from the widow in 1974 by Glen Cassel of Napa, who in turn sold it to Tex and Ellen Howle in February, 1979.

Tex Howle was a salesman for Berglund, Inc. a Napa Caterpillar dealer. The tractor received a complete overhaul in the Berglund shop and spent the next decade in the lobby of the Berglund Caterpillar branch office in Willits.

The tractor was donated to Roots of Motive Power, Inc. in 1992 by Tex and Ellen Howle.