Highline, Vol 20, No. 1, Apt 2002 (partial)

Contents (Portion from Men to Match the Redwoods)

Cover: Wolf Creek Timber Company

Cover photo: Wolf Creek Timber Company’s sawmill at Wheeler in the far northwest corner of Mendocino County. Log infeed can be seen at the lower right corner with main mill building and burner to the left. The green chain extends on a bridge over the South Fork of Jackass Creek. The main office is center right opposite the original shop and storage buildings. Green lumber awaiting shipment was stored on the flat leading out to the beach. “The name of the Mill? We went there in 1946. When we talked about it we just called it Jackass – after the creek’s name.”

Feature Article: Wolf Creek Timber Company

by Ken O. Smith III

Article: Memories of Wolf Creek Timber Company (From Volume 20, No. 2, August 2002)

by Mavis Bromaghim

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