Highline, Vol 22, No. 1, Apr 2004


Article: From the President’s Desk

by Chris Baldo

Feature Story: Irvine and Muir Lumber Company, Two Rock Operation-Logging in Willits’ Backyard

By Chris Baldo

Article: The Roots of Motive Power Website

by Bobbie Chamberlain

Article: Roots Technical Library

by Bruce Evans

Article: In Memory of Bert Rudolph (Untitled)

by Jack Wade

Article: Recent Acquisitions

by Wes Brubacher

Article: Buelle Collection

Article: Display Case Removal – A Lesson In Planning

by Bobbie Yokum

Article: Book Review

By Bruce Evans

  • The Encyclopedia of Western Railroad History, Volume IV

Article: Gary Knivila Photo Collection, A Personal Perspective of Union Lumber Company’s Logging Woods

Chris Baldo and Theron Brown

Article: Holiday Model Railroad Show 2003

by Bobbie Yokum

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