Highline, Vol 22, No. 2, Aug 2004


Cover: Joe J. Rossi & Co.

Picture: Rossi off-highway truck #19

Article: President’s Message

by Chris Baldo

  • Wasington Iron Works Estep Diesel Yarder, donated by Shelton Timber Co.,
  • Bucyrus Erie 50-B Steam Shovel

Article: New Acquisitions

  • Simpson Timber Company Ballast Car #6;
  • NWP Baggage Cart

Article: Roots of Motive Power RR Operational Safety Course

by George Bush

Article: Roots Education Day

by Bobbie Yokum

Article: The Roots Website

by Bobbie Chamberlain

Feature Story: Joe J. Rossi & Co.

By Theron Brown and Chris Baldo

Article: Newsletter Correction

Leland Farrer was mis-identified as Leonard Fair in April, 2004 Highline

Article: Guy F. Atkinson 50B Steam Shovel Re-Tubing Project Fundraising

Article: Library Report

by Bruce Evans

Article: Pacific Dream Machines 2004

by Robben Vikart

Article: Mendocino Historical Society Visit

Article: Book Review

By Bruce Evans

  1. American Hoist and Derrick Company catalog (#106 / 160 pgs.)
  2. S. Flory Manufacturing Company of Bangor, Pennsylvania catalo (1908 / 170 pgs.)

Article: Steam Engineering and Safety Class

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