Highline, Vol 22, No. 3, Dec 2004


Cover: Hulbert and Muffly Lumber Company

Picture: Jerry Muffly and Wayne Hulbert

Article: From the President’s Desk

by Chris Baldo

Feature Story: Hulbert and Muffly Lumber Company

By Chris Baldo and Theron Brown

Article: Recent Acquisitions

  • Ohio Locomotive Crane, donated by Durwood “Doc” Boyles of Springfield, Oregon
  • Homer Helm, Jr. Caterpillar D-8 and Scraper, donated by Dave Farrell

Article: New Acquisition: Whitefish Lake Ranch Car #1245

by Bobbie Yokum

Article: New Acquisition: Redwood Cant

by Gordon Wagenet

Article: The “Mallet” Steam Donkeys of the Redwood Coast

by John Taubeneck

Article: Library Review

by Bruce Evans

  • The Caspar Lumber Company

Article: Wanted – Your Old Luggage

Article: Library Lines

By Bruce Evans

Article: Mysteries: In Search of Answeres (sic)

By Bruce Evans

  • Mystery Rock
  • Prune Mountain

Article: Track Report

by John Bradley

Article: Memories in Motion: A Model Train Exhibit for the Holidays

by Bobbie Yokum

Article: Railroad Operation Safety Class

by Chris Baldo

Article: New Acquisitions: R.G. LeTourneau Super C Tournacrane

by Chris Baldo

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