Highline, Vol 25, No. 3, Dec 2007


Cover: Don Philbrick: The Spirit of the Three Rivers

Cover photo: Don Philbrick and his trademark Studebaker pickup at MP 10 on the Masonite Road in 1956.

Article: From the President’s Desk: The Eye of the Beholder

by Chris Baldo

Feature Article: Don Philbrick: The Spirit of the Three Rivers

by Theron Brown and Chris Baldo

Article: Geared Locomotives

by Bruce Evans and Bobbie Yokum

  • The Shay Locomotive
  • Robert Dollar #2978
  • The Climax Locomotive
  • Holmes-Eureka Lumber Company #4
  • The Heisler Locomotive
  • Bluestone Mining and Smelting No. 1

Article: Library Report

by Bruce Evans

Article: Book Review: The Western Railroader

by Ruth Rockefeller

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