Highline, Vol 26, No. 1, Apr 2008


Cover: Joe Brundage, Only in America

Cover photo: Joe Brundage poses with his International “Old Hulda” as she gets loaded under the Skagit jammer on Brushy Mountain.

Article: From the President’s Desk

by Chris Baldo

Feature Article: Joe Brundage, Only in America

by Theron Brown and Chris Baldo

New Acquisitions

  • Murray Iron Works Corliss Steam Engine

Bringing the Beast Back to Life

by Bruce Evans

  • Baldwin Builds Locomotives
  • California Western Railroad Buys Diesels
  • Baldwin 53 Retires
  • A New Home and New Hope
  • To Bring a Beast to Life
  • Restoration and Renewal
  • Volunteers Run This Train

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