Highline, Vol 28, No. 3, Dec 2010


Cover: The Roots of Roots: When We Were Young

Cover photo: Roots of Motive Power’s first project, a Murray Brothers vertical spool donkey sits alone in front of the Mendocino County Museum in 1983. The redwood trees in the background and the Roots of Motive Power collection have grown tremendously in the subsequent 27 years.

Article: From the President’s Desk

by Jerry Moore

Article: Christmas Trees for Willits Area

Article: Annual Roots Festival

Feature Article: The Roots of Roots: When We Were Young

by Chris Baldo and Theron Brown

  • Little Lake Valley Pioneer Engine Association
  • 8-HP Thermoil engine
  • Founders: Jim Yokum, Ken Smith, Gene Roediger, Nick Patterson, Kirk Graux, Ted Coombs, and Chris Baldo
  • Rudolph Diesel
  • Clessie Cummins
  • Sears Roebuck & Company
  • Hvid engine stated: “No. U9177, 8 HP, 450 RPM”
  • Caterpillar Ten
  • Murray Brothers Machine Works spool donkey, recovered from Ten Mile Creek
  • Raymond Crawler FF-400
  • Roots Festival Attracts Exhibitors
  • Harwood Products Sixty Cat
  • Willamete Humboldt Yarder
  • List of Artifacts at the Rudolph Ranch
  • John Bradley, Trackmaster
  • Many other pieces of equipment

Library Report

by Dirk Johnson

  • NWP Photographs of 1964 flood damage and restoration

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