Highline, Vol 31, No. 3, Dec 2013 (contents and cover only)

Preview of Volume 31, No. 3, December 2013:
Contents and Cover.


Cover: Irvine and Muir Lumber Company Revisited

Cover photo (wrap around to back cover):A panoramic view of the railroad logging operations of Irvine and Muir Lumber Companyat Irmulco on Olds Creek. The locomotive is ex-California Western Railroad #2, an 1887 Baldwin Locomotive Works product sold to Irvine and Muir in 1910: The Skookum with a head of steam and a full load.

Article: From the President’s Desk

by Chris Baldo

Feature Article: Irvine and Muir Lumber Company Revisited

by Chris Baldo and Theron Brown, and Martin Hansen

Article: J.H. Baxter and Company

by William F. “Bill” Smith

10th Annual Roadworks Steamrolller Printing Festival

by Chris Baldo

Pit Project Report

by Carol and Chuck Jones

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