Highline, Vol 32, No. 2, Aug 2014 (contents and cover only)

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Cover: Niles Canyon Railway and Steamfest 3

Cover photo: Mason County Logging #7. Steam locomotive lights use 32 volt DC electricity, supplied by a steam turbine generator. (CR Hauf photo)

Back cover photo: Engineer Shane Grupp opens the throttle as Mason County Logging #7 departs Sunon Depot with the Heart Flyer at Steamfest III in June, 2014. (CR Hauf photo)

Article: From the President’s Desk

by Chris Baldo

Feature Article: Niles Canyon Railway and Steamfest 3

by Chris Baldo and Theron Brown

Article: Mallet Mania

by Chris Baldo and Theron Brown

Article: Ohio Locomotive Crane #3789

by John A. Taubeneck

Article: Willamette Two-Speed Yarder #2472

by John A. Taubeneck

Video Review: West Coast Railroad Logging, Equipment and Techniques, Volume One

by Catenary Video Productions. DVD Review by Tom Cutler

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