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Cover: The Future Is Now: Mason County Logging Co. #7 and FRA 49 CFR 230

Cover photo: This year’s Holiday Express will once again feature Mason County Logging #7, a Baldwin 2-6-2 T. After the 2014 event, we plan to put the #7 in the shop for its 15-year FRA mandated inspection and rebuild. We hope this will be completed within a year and the #7 returned to service. (Chris Baldo photo)

Back cover photo: The snow refuses to melt in early December as Mason County Logging #7 leads a consist on the Roots main including the Simpson Fire Tender #1200, Milwaukee Road log car 2012, and the Simpson #6 ballast car. (Chris Baldo photo)

Article: From the President’s Desk

by Chris Baldo

Feature Article: The Future Is Now: Mason County Logging Co. #7 and FRA 49 CFR 230

by Chris Baldo

Article: The Last of an Endangered Species: Simpson Lumber Company’s Logging Railroad

by Chris Baldo and Theron Brown

Article: Roots Website: Members Only

by Dirk Johnson

Book Review: Empire: The Development of the Timber Industry in Tuolumne County, The Standard Lumber Co and its Railroads 1850-1920, By Mark Steven Francis

by Chris Baldo

Article: New Acquisitions: Dan Grinstead Estep Diesel Parts

by Chris Baldo

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