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Rail Flatcar, Pacific Lumber Company #575

Year Built:
Type of Equipment:
Rail Car
Flat Car
Rail Trucks
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Pacific Lumber Company
Chris Baldo
Roots of Motive Power
In 1992, the Pacific Lumber Company of Scotia, California ceased operations on their railroad which had been in operation for over 100 years. After railroad logging operations ended, the company continued using lumber flatcars, such as Car #575, to transfer lumber throughout the giant mill complex in Scotia using their two General Electric 80 ton locomotives, 101 and 102. While the wooden portions of the flatcars had been rebuilt several times in the car shops of Pacific Lumber and the wheel sets replaced in the 1930s, the arch bar trucks remained unchanged since the early years of the company. Pacific Lumber Flatcar #575 was purchased from PALCO by Chris Baldo in 1992 and donated to Roots of Motive Power in 1995.